Ashes At Sea
Celebrating the life of a loved one
Captain Steve Woodbury
Gulf of Mexico

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Ashes At Sea
The loss of a loved one is never easy.  Captain Steve and his team offer personalized burial at sea services with the scattering of ashes in the Gulf of Mexico.

From the moment you call Captain Steve, you’ll experience

  • Immediate care and respect for your family and loved ones
  • Unrivaled attention to detail
  • Affordable service

The team at Chummy Charters cares for your loved one through their final journey. 

As we plan the service with you, you may wish to customize the occasion even more by deciding to bring special prayers, music, flowers,  adult beverages or selected foods.  

Ash Scattering, Chummy Charters, FL

Burial at sea with the scattering of ashes is a beautiful, moving and touching ceremony. We at Chummy Charters focus on small intimate services.  Captain Steve will help personalize your services to a memorable event.  Some customers include a prayer or poem in their service or others include favorite music or champagne-toasted celebrations.

Captain Steve will make sure each service is private, dignified and respectful.  A sunset or sunrise event in the Gulf of Mexico, under the beautiful Florida skies can certainly provide comfort through this difficult time. 

We strive to meet your desires and wishes and offer two affordable options. 

Attended Memorial Service

(6 or less people)

 A private, exclusive charter (only your guests) to witness and to participate in.      All services begin with Captain Steve meeting you at a pre-arranged  location and  time.  Your party will escorted to board the "Jandy" Skiff.  All will be briefed on  safety procedures and the ceremony.

Captain Steve will travel into the Gulf of Mexico,  a minimum distance of 3 miles as required by US Code.  He will then record the exact longitude and latitude coordinates which are provided to you in a certificate.

 Your guests will then have an opportunity to say goodbye---in silence or spoken out loud. While the ashes are gently scattered into the sea, you may wish to read a poem, prayer or perhaps have a special song played.  The ashes will now begin their new journey, to be carried out by the current forever.  The Jandy's bell will be rung eight times (signifying "The Last Watch"). y.

Approximate time of service from dock to dock is approximately 2 hours.

                                               Captain's Charter
                                               (Unattended Service)

Captain Steve will select a sight with calm waters and little boating traffic.    Captain Steve will record the exact longitude and latitude coordinates.

The ashes will be gently lowered into the sea by Captain Steve without passengers on board and upon the ashes entering the sea, he will ring the Jandy's bell eight times in honor of your loved one (signifying "The Last  Watch"). 

The longitude and latitude coordinates and a certificate will be provided to you for peace of mind knowing your wishes have been fulfilled.

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